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Primary Vision Care

Primary vision care is an important part of your overall healthcare. Having regularly scheduled eye exams is important not only for clear vision, but also for early detection of eye health issues and even general health concerns. In many cases, an eye doctor is the first to diagnose a health problem like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Our team of eye doctors provides comprehensive vision care for children and adults in multiple convenient locations throughout the Kentuckiana region. For more than 40 years, the eye doctors at Dr. Black’s Eye Associates have been counted on for eye exams by patients from Louisville and Frankfort, KY, to Jeffersonville, and Corydon, IN, along with numerous other locations and satellite offices.

Scheduling regular eye exams is an essential part of maintaining good vision and eye health, and it enables us to detect eye conditions at an early stage. Everyone should get their eyes checked on a regular basis, just as children and adults get routine physical checkups. 


Celebrating 40 years of trusted service, our team at Dr. Black’s Eye Associates is all about maintaining your eye health and ensuring clear vision for a lifetime. As a locally owned practice, we combine advanced technology with a personal touch to provide comprehensive eye exams that go beyond just updating your prescription. Our dedicated doctors focus on early detection and prevention of eye conditions, tailoring care to each patient’s unique needs. From routine check-ups to addressing specific concerns, we are committed to helping you see and live your best every day. Trust Dr. Black’s Eye Associates for unparalleled, personalized eye care that keeps you connected to the world around you and see life clearly.

40 Years of Trusted Eye Care: Your Vision, Our Passion

Understanding the value of primary vision care can help you maintain optimal vision and eye health throughout your life.