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Vision Quizzes

Vision quizzes are crafted to assist you in identifying specific eye conditions and guide you toward the most suitable treatments. The LASIK Quiz evaluates your candidacy for this widely used refractive surgery. Meanwhile, the Dry Eye Quiz gauges the impact of dry eyes on your daily life and suggests whether seeking treatment might be beneficial.

Cataract Quiz

Our Cataract Quiz is designed to determine whether cataracts are affecting your vision and if it’s time to do something about it.


Our LASIK Quiz can help you find out if you’re a good candidate for this popular refractive procedure.

Dry Eye Quiz

Our Dry Eye Quiz assesses the degree to which dry eyes might be affecting your life, and whether you may benefit from treatment..

Once you’ve completed a quiz, one of our staff will contact you to set you up with an evaluation, which will help determine whether or not you’re a candidate for treatment. If you have questions, we encourage you to call us directly at (812) 284-0660.